Important Activities of Home Nursing Services

Some of the Important Activities of Home Health Care Services  In order to build the relation between Patient and nurse it is very important to understand each other. Home Health Care Nurses should always understand that she or he is the guest in the patient's house and it is different from the hospital atmosphere. Here the atmosphere will be or may completely different than nursing home or hospital where they work.

So, nurses should prepare to accept this fact often. It has to be practiced to ask permission to use the sink for washing and entering into the bedroom for medication, should respect the patient and their families when they deliver Health care services in the patient’s home. Basic information shared for Home Nursing Services in the first meet has to be documented and filed for both records of their office as well as patient files

Following things has to be carried out by the home nursing agency using proper forms and stationeries :

  • Document the initial discussion information of proper forms.
  • Explain the personal and financial agreement and forms of the Home Nursing Agencies.
  • Elderly care fees and terms conditions have to be explained and documented before providing or signing an agreement is must.
  • Collect all previous history of the patient along with the medical prescriptions.
  • If possible, get in touch with a doctor before taking the initial steps.
  • Complete all required documents and get the admission done with the home nurses.
  • Make sure that the Home nurse's safety is explained while working with a patient or old-age care.

Precautions to be taken while giving Home Health Care Services :

  • Make a register in the home nursing care office and before leaving the office to the patient’s home, write down the map and address details if it’s necessary.
  • Wear uniforms, identity cards with emergency contact numbers with shoes and other comfortable dress if it’s necessary to run to the patient home in case of emergency.
  • Patient care and elderly care are little risky work so take necessary safety measures as per home nursing care practices.
  • Take care of home nurse's bags, purse, mobile and other belonging in the proper places while entering into the houses.
  • Keep extra money in the home nursing care office along with valuables, carry only a little money, phone and keep emergency number in hand at the time of urgency.
  • Keep the vehicle in good condition always in order to make use of it in an emergency. Fill the fuel tank in advance and keep vehicle ready in emergency.
  • Keep all nursing equipment and utensils along with medicine handy and easily accessible.
  • Don’t forget to carry all required things with a note and make a habit of making a to-do list before leaving to older age or patient care home.
  • Always use the proper road instead of short cuts to avoid any accident or delay in transportation.
  • Keep your bag, vehicle key handy along with a whistle for emergency summons.
  • The home nursing agency provide 24*7 services it’s very important to prepare for the same with night working safety
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