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Home Nursing in Hubli

At Das Home Nursing Services we are following strict guidelines when it comes to healthcare of world class. Care is all about kindness, especially when it comes to home health care, and providing the best health service. Our nursing care services at home ensure your comfort is never settled. In the medical profession we follow all the protocols to get you the most respectful and focused care at home at an affordable cost. Home nursing services also give patients an opportunity to heal with family members. We are located at 9 branches in Karnataka including Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Hassan, Shimoga, Belgaum, Davangere and Bellary. We also offer services in Udupi, Kodagu(coorg) and Madikeri regions.

Our Facilities

home nursing services bangalore

Post Surgical Care

Experiencing a surgery is not an easy task and a person may take longer than usual to completely recover now and even after an operation or accident. After operation, Post Surgical/Operative Care begins immediately. This lasts for the duration of stay of the healing facility and will continue once the patient is discharged. Post-surgical care that involves home nursing services occurs at home, because healing centers do not have the facilities needed for long stays.

Das nursing services bangalore

Skilled Nurses

At Das Home Nursing Services in Hubli we realize that the care taken at home can bring about a better recovery of your loved ones. The Home Care Nurse we provide will be with the patient 24/7 delivering services such as accompanying the patient for routine check-ups, taking patients to malls, meal planning, reminding of medicine, washing, basic housekeeping, shopping, transportation, and friendship.

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Medical Equipments

We offer rent and sale of medical equipment at Das Home Nursing Services in Hubli. We have utensils for general use, physiotherapy, respiratory treatment, and stroke rehab equipments.

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Case Management

At Das Home Nursing Services Hubli we manage the delivery of complete healthcare services for all the patients. We organize and manage the healthcare services that our patients get.

Das Nursing services in bangalore

Palliative Care

Palliative care is personalized medical treatment for those suffering from a serious disease. This kind of treatment focuses on relieving from the symptoms and pain of a severe diseases. The aim is to enhance both the patient and the family's quality of life. Palliative care is delivered by a highly skilled team of doctors, nurses, and other professionals who collaborate alongside other doctors of a hospital to provide an additional support.

Why Choose Us?

Home Health Care or Nursing Care at home is one of the aspects that is a beneficiary in today's busy society making it possible for skilled people to provide support to their loved ones at home with greater freedom and security obtaining a better level of healthcare. In the environment of a busy schedule, it often becomes hard for office working peoples to take care of their sick, disabled and suffering patients of all ages. Nursing care at home provides us with the best choice for an individual's collaborative treatment which involves facilitating safety at the doorstep, taking into consideration the comfort and safety of the patient. Health Care at Home is a pioneer of offering comprehensive and professional care at home to make it easier and faster to heal considering home comfort.

Home nursing services offer various services such as physiotherapy, critical care services that provide pre-or post-surgical care of an ICU patient. Nursing care at home is applied not only to patients following surgery but also providing Care for Elderly Patients at Home and New Born Babies. Home Nursing Services offered in Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Hubli, Davangere, Belgaum, Shimoga and Bellary. We also have male and female nurses for nursing services and health care activities for the patients convenient. Nurses are available in different shifts full time, part time or hourly based.

Elderly people also decide that they should not go to hospitals for treatment, because they require proper health services in order to live a happy and healthy life. Elderly care at home is the Best choice for those parents. They suffer from health issues of different ages such as diabetes, Blood Pressure Body Pains and more. When Elder Care services are offered at Home in the homely atmosphere, Elderly/aged people feel secure and safe, increases freedom as they are encouraged leading to overall satisfaction at the end of both the patient as well as the family member who is concerned about their parents.

Nursing care is not only for the aged, sick but also for the New Born Baby and mother whether this is their first or second time. In order to provide babies and mothers with personalized assistance before or after birth, Nanny Care is one of the most important things, moreover important tasks such as cuddling, feeding, and bathing, which also help women to accept their careers more quickly.

  • Many families live separately for one or another purpose in such a situation where caring of parents is challenging for adults. Home health care may be regarded as an excellent option for adults in providing their elders with physical, mental and emotional support. Some of the benefits of health care are here:
  • One of the most valuable benefits of Healthcare that can be imagined is the availability of well-trained professional staff with loved ones when you can't be there to take care, giving you peace and calmness at work.
  • Home Health Care helps people handle their everyday tasks when they need help such as eating, dressing, bathing, exercising and reminding medicine.
  • Patients with chronic diseases and those discharged from hospitals need a highly nutritional diet to take care of the treatment they have undergone. And in such a case, Nurses can evaluate their healthy diet food accurately which is helpful depending on one's body needs.
  • Elderly people often feel lonely and ignored as they just want to be in the presence of someone to talk with, whether it's their relatives, friends, family members or anyone. For such a situation, highly skilled 24 /7 nurses at home help them with love and affection as well as a sense of comfort that they have someone to chat with.
  • Home nursing services are often less expensive compared to frequent hospital visits, which also give the patient and a caregiver discomfort to visit.
  • Home Care Medical facility is completely different from the facility in hospitals. Nursing Care at Home focuses on delivering special, meaningful and personalized service that grows into a deep connection among staff and customers.

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