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At Das Home Nursing Care we are following strict guidelines when it comes to healthcare of top class. Care is all about kindness, mainly with regard to home health care, and offering the best healthcare system. Our nursing services at home ensure your wellness is never affected. In the medical profession we follow all the protocols to get you the most respectful and attentive care at home. Das Home nursing services will also provide patients an opportunity to heal from their family members. As trained, qualified nurses and midwives, we train graduates to assume roles in providing motivated, protective, preventive and rehabilitation services. We also teach nurses who can take self decisions in nursing circumstances, protect people and families in support of health rights and services, perform in the hospital, social nursing programs, perform clinical studies in nursing research areas.

Das Promotions founded in 2001 ever Since then we have served more than 25000 patients in all 9 Branches across Karnataka in the average of 300-350 patients per month. We have 9 branches in Karnataka Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Belgaum, Davangere, Hubli, Shimoga and Bellary, 4 Training centers, 45 Permanent working staffs and Around 400 nurses have been employed across 9 locations to serve the patients.


Anil Das(37), Electronic Diploma holder served as executive and manager of marketing. He was inspired by a social worker named Elizabeth who worked for an NGO called Mother Theresa while he was employed as a manager at the Kerala Branch. He shared his views with her on serving the people. And they set up a small nursing center in Bangalore, now known as Home Nursing Services, to serve the needy. More than 50 official staff and more than 2000 well-experienced home nurses work for Das Home Nursing Services Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore and 6 other locations with the Directors, Anil Das, and Ashalatha Das. Anil Das became a well-recognized person in society by active involvement in various social-service organizations. Nursing is mainly based on caring principles and aims to help individuals to achieve self-care independence. It requires growth of compassion and a better understanding of human behavior among its professionals to provide care with integrity, honesty and to protect the rights of people & communities.


We prepare graduates to presume responsibilities as a profession, qualified nurses and midwives in the requirement of advanced, curative, precautionary and rehabilitation services. Prepare nurses who can make proper decisions in home nursing services, protect persons and communities in defense of health rights and resources, work in the hospital, comprehensive nursing services, perform research studies in nursing areas of expertise. In a clinical/public health atmosphere, they are often required to assume the role of instructor, supervisor, and manager.

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