Vaccines are products which protect people from a lot of diseases which can be very danger and even deadly. In the first place, vaccines protect you from being infected with the disease unlike most drugs that control or cure diseases. A vaccination allows the immune system of the body to identify and kill pathogens such as viruses or bacteria, and then holds us back from the diseases that they causes. Vaccines protect against more than 25 life-threatening or crippling diseases, including measles, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, meningitis, influenza, tetanus, typhoid and cervical cancer. Get vaccination at your home and keep healthy from infectious diseases. Das Home Healthcare Services offers vaccination by trained nurses at home for H1N1, typhoid, pneumonia, hepatitis and more.

Wound Care

Are you aware that healing process varies depending on the type of wound? Our nurses have experience in treating surgical wounds, infected wounds and pressure sores after surgery. wound is an injury that involves external or internal breakage of body tissue, typically affecting the skin. At some point in their lives almost everyone will experience an open wound. The majority of open wounds are minor, and they can be handled at home. Some wounds are worse and require medical care in order to reduce pain and loss of body functions because of damage to fundamental tissues such as bone, tendon, muscle, arteries, and nerves.


Save yourself the trouble of regular hospital visits when it comes to frequent injections and IV infusions. Simply call us, and have an experienced nurse administer them at home.

Skilled Nurses

At Das Home Healthcare Services are provided by a team of trained, qualified and experienced nurses who are instructed on the medical condition of their patients. Skilled nurses provide your loved one with the most advanced care you can receive outside a hospital. Your loved one would be eligible to undertake long-term and short-term recovery treatment after an accident or care for serious health problems.

Urine Catheterisation Care

Our nurses can help you with Urine catheterisation care at home; be it catheter insertion, catheter removal or bladder wash.

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